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How To Save Money As A Travel Nurse

How To Save Money As A Travel Nurse

If you are a travel nurse, you know that the job can be stressful, but also rewarding. Travel nursing offers great opportunities to experience different cultures and make new friends, but it’s also a lot of work.

If you’re looking to save some money on your mortgage or tuition payments each month, it may take some planning ahead of time. Here are some tips for saving money as a Travel Nurse:

Choose the Best Agency for You

  • Choose a reputable agency with good reviews.
  • Choose an agency that has a good reputation in the area you want to work.
  • Choose an agency that has locations that interest you and/or pay well, benefits, etc.

Make a Plan

Once you’ve made a plan, the next step is to take action. Here are some steps to help keep yourself on track:

  • Write down your goals and make a budget. If you’re new to saving money, this may seem like an impossible task but it’s not! You can start by writing down how much money each of your bills comes out to each month (like rent or car payment) and then figure out what amount of money could go towards saving up for travel nursing expenses.
  • Set up a savings account so that all of the money saved will go directly into this account instead of being spent on other things like groceries or clothing purchases. The goal here isn’t necessarily just accumulating as much cash as possible; rather, it’s about making sure that every dollar counts towards paying off debt faster than normal when given time enough.

Cut Expenses

  • Find roommates. If you’re traveling with a travel nurse, there’s a good chance that he or she will have an extra bedroom in their home to share with someone new. This can be a great way to cut down on expenses while still benefiting from having an experienced person around who knows how things work at home and abroad.
  • Use meal delivery services. You might not think this is possible but if you find yourself eating out too often because of your long hours and late nights, consider using meal delivery services such as Just Eat or Uber Eats! These companies both deliver food right into your home so that all of the preparation work is done by professionals instead of having each item prepared separately by personal chefs (which would cost more). Plus, these companies offer discounts for frequent users who sign up for their loyalty programs!
  • Cook at home more often than usual before going out for meals during evenings after shift ends.
  • Use public transportation instead driving whenever possible.
  • Find cheaper gyms/spas close by where they live rather than traveling into town every day just so they can go workout when most other residents aren’t working shifts either because there aren’t any businesses open yet.
  • Switch over from Verizon Wireless Plan – $80 per month – which includes unlimited talk minutes & texts plus 500MB data usage per month unlimited

Be Flexible-Worker

Flexibility is important because it helps you to feel less stressed and more productive. For example, if your schedule changes and you need to change locations, don’t worry! You can do this without having to pay extra money for housing or other amenities.

Instead of canceling all of your plans because of a shift change, ask your manager for permission beforehand so that there won’t be any confusion about who was supposed to do what when.

Also think about how flexible the job will be when choosing where you want to live during training periods. If possible, find an area close enough where there are good restaurants nearby (and preferably ones with free wifi) but far enough away from family members so they won’t bother you constantly trying out new foods!

Utilize Your Benefits

Travel nursing is the perfect way to make money while traveling. While you’re on the road, you get paid for your services and then get reimbursed when you return home.

Benefits of travel nursing:

  • You can experience new things by working in different locations around the world! The experience of living in a different country will help you grow as an individual and expand your career options as well.
  • You have the opportunity to learn about other cultures through travel nursing jobs, which makes it more likely that they will stay open-minded once they return home again next time around and hopefully this time around they’ll recognize that there’s more than just one way of doing things here (and maybe even try something new out).


It is possible to be financially successful as a travel nurse if you do some planning in advance. You need to have a plan, and then stick with it.

You also need to cut expenses as much as possible, especially since most travel nurses do not make very much money per hour (and sometimes even less).

Lastly, utilize your benefits such as health insurance and 401k retirement accounts where applicable.


We hope that by learning these tips you have a better understanding of how to save money as a travel nurse. It may seem like a lot of work, but it can really pay off when you look back on your experience and see all of the ways in which your hard work has helped others.

As always, keep one thing in mind: don’t be afraid to ask questions! If there is something here that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t seem right for you, ask someone about it so they can help guide/explain what would work best for them personally.


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